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We are Uncommon

Welcome to Uncommon Creative Studio & Events, where creativity knows no bounds! We're not just your typical design agency; we're a creative boutique that offers a spectrum of imaginative services that go beyond the ordinary. Our philosophy revolves around forging deep connections with our clients, ensuring that each collaboration is a personalised and cherished experience.

Unlike mass production, which often focuses on churning out standardised solutions, we are dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences. We understand that every individual, every brand, and every event is distinct. That's why we take the time to truly understand your vision, aspirations, and preferences. It's not about completing countless projects of the same kind; it's about nurturing relationships and collaborating closely to ensure your ideas flourish.

When you choose Uncommon, you're not just engaging a service – you're entering into a partnership that is grounded in trust, creativity, and a shared commitment to excellence. 

Our goal is to ensure that you're not just satisfied with the final outcome, but also delighted with the journey it took to get there. We are invested in your success, and your triumphs become ours.


Our Uncommon Story

We are George and Annie, a team couple from Thessaloniki that's surrounded by arts and aesthetics with all that it entails!

George is a well known Dj and music producer for the last 19 years. He has an excellent sense of the vibes of his audience and outstanding knowledge of sound and lighting systems.  He is also very much of a craftsman and loves to create furniture from scratch!

Annie is an architect & interior designer with studies in the UK and during the years she has been working under several art direction jobs including fashion. Harmony & aesthetics amuse her. She stands out with her unique and fresh ideas on which she attaches personal sense.

We work better when together!

When decided to open a new business, we were surely looking for an uncommon space to house our dreams.


We didn't imagine a simple office but a dark art space to share. Luckily, this property was the first to see and booked immediately. It wasn't love at first sight because it was a true mess; the level of difficulty excited us & there was a lot of room to make it ours ! It was just an empty garage, with loads of difficulties at the beginning


We started from scratch by building walls for storage and other purposes, stairs for easy access and designed everything else in wide open layout. When we were done building, it was our goal to make this space unique.


''No one else rather that you is going to love what you do''

So, we started to make everything by hand! Custom wood tables & shelves, brick installations, gabion baskets, rope hangers & bird cage hammock, paper elephant are some of our favourite pieces at Uncommon. 


The basement itself was deconstructed so we decided to keep some of these elements and add a Rustic-Scandinavian style to it to create a relaxing feeling.

Made with love by true love for you to enjoy!

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